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   We can provide partial or complete developments on several levels, from the configuration level of our dbWin programs to complex developments in C or C++, and, of course, over Gea, our development platform.

   1. Set up dbWin programs. The dbWin, dbWinCE, dbWinSQL, dbWinBasic and dbWinSQLPro, allow quick deployments programs for a variety of business needs. You must have one of these programs, many of them free, and we will configure the application you need.

   2. If the needs of your application go beyond the capabilities of our dbWin programs, we can use our platform Gea. Through this platform, we may offer a complete application with one or more licenses or freely redistributable if needed with license control, or absolutely free copy.

   3. Finally, if what you need is a vertical development, for some very specialized application, and also want to own the program sources in C / C++, who better than someone with thirty years of experience in development environments. In addition, of course the benefits of development in a country of low income as is Spain.

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