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Portable Devices

    Portability solutions for distribution, representation, hostelry, stock control, etc. They are simple, compact and easy to install applications. Offer data transfer programs to link with general platforms, including AdminSQL family, family and classic AdminLocal TPVs.

    Based on Windows CE or windows Phone 10, They have a great connectivity with PCs, either by USB cable, Bluetooth, or WifiAdemás to be a widespread platform and accepted by the global industry, with a multitude of devices supported by these programs . Although the programs presented here are specially developed for screens with a resolution of 294 x 240, you can be supplied on request for otroas resolutions.

  • PDA Sales. A compact and easy to use aplication for roaming sale and presale.

  • PDA Stocks. Inventory control application for portable terminals. It supports barcode capture or keyboard.

  • PDA Orders. Order entry software for bars and restaurants.

  • PDA Orders. Order entry software for bars and restaurants.

  • PDA dbWin. General database application for Windows CE and Windows Phone 10 terminals.

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