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SQL Management

      Professional management software for small and medium enterprises. This is a group of applications, which cover most of the needs of the company, through a general accounting system adapted to European accounting, a system inventory management and invoicing and two expansion modules oriented to distribution and project contracting. All this, with a solid and reliable development to support all necessary data in an enterprise.

      Based on PostgreSQL, one of the bases of most powerful market data and thanks to the client-server struture, this family program allows massive use both data such as access points (terminals), including work cooperative between different work centers geographically distant.

      We have used these products the experience of over 30 years building management software, giving companies a real choice of software to have the highest level for a really affordable price. The best way to get more for less.

  • SQL Accounting. A powerfull and professional accounting system.

  • SQL Administration. A general purpose administrative tool that includes from Invoicing to stock control, statistics and a lot more.

  • SQL Distribution. Module for management and control of delivery and distribution operations.

  • SQL Projects. Project management module, both manufacturing and implementation. It supports different chapters by work or production order for a detailed control.

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