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Standard Classic POS



               Application:  Classic Point of sale (Standalone PC)
          Operating System:  Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
              Data Support:  Binary Tree
         Support Documents:  Console, LPT Ports, COM Ports, text and PDF files
           Barcode Capture:  Yes
      Compat. applications:  Accounting, Administrative Management, DataSyncroSQL,
                  Features:  - Installation on standalone PC
                             - Concurrent access unsupported for data
                             - No Supports for remote terminals via internet.
                             - Automatic selling prices (depending on last purchase)
                               or manual
                             - Inventory Control
                             - Control of sub-items (Sizes, colors, etc.)
                             - Support convergent bar codes (More than one code per                                item)
                             - Control of Quantities served (purchases and sales)
                             - Supports prices VAT included and not included
                             - Import and documents copy (Budgets, orders
                               delivery orders, delivery budgets)
                             - Support for multi-site customers
                             - Direct Invoicing and deferred
                             - Multiple selection criteria for invoicing (Including                                 manual selection)
                             - Generation of remittances with advanced selection
                             - Issuance of receipts and remittances on paper, and                                computer files, including SEPA 19
                             - Configurable exports and imports of data
                             - Customizable by a sophisticated scripts support
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