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    POS family is divided into two groups, by one side the POS classic, which require for handling keyboard (can be a virtual keyboard), and touch POS that are cash registers style programs.

    Within each of the ranges, there is a basic model and one standard. All of them are oriented to independent POS.

    For several boxes facilities such as supermarkets, or hypermarkets, we have equivalent models but with a centralized server that makes management hub, which in turn transmits the relevant summaries to the central computer. For such needs, please contact us.

    Although the models presented on this page are demos, exceptionally TPVBasic demo supports up to 50 entries per session, being usable form is indefinitely by small businesses that do not llegen to this number of moves in one turn.

  • Basic Classic POS. This is a classic POS, targeted to small bussiness where an administrative control is needed.

  • Standard Classic POS. This is a professional classic POS, targeted to small bussiness where an full administrative control is needed in a standalone PC.

  • Basic POS. POS program by buttons to retailing. Conceptualized for touch or mouse devices screen style.

  • Standard POS. POS Configurable program for touch and standard screens.

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