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Local Accounting



               Application:  General Accounting for Standalone PC
          Operative System:  Windows (XP, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
              Data Support:  Binary Tree in local file.
         Support Documents:  Console, LPT Ports, COM Ports, txt and PDF files
      Compat. applications:  Administrative Management, DataSyncro
                  Features:  - Installation on standalone PC
                             - Concurrent access unsupported for data
                             - No Supports for remote terminals via internet.
                             - Interactive Maintenance of movements (entries)
                             - Support for predefined entries, with wide
                               configuration possibilities
                             - Generating real-time records of VAT
                             - 9 digits per account, expandable
                             - ledger account report form 1 to N digits
                             - Account balances by Period report (1 to N
                             - Listings of total sales and purchases per quarter
                               and subject
                             - Registration of input and output VAT
                             - Report of unbalanced entries
                             - Balances of totals in real time (1 to N
                               digits) with selectable levels of subtotals
                             - Balance and Loss and profits reports (abbreviated and                                extended) including open exercises
                             - Profit and Loss Account (abbreviated and extended),                                including open accounting years
                           - Preconfigured Imports for Invoives, cash selss and
                           - Programmable exports and imports of data
                           - Customizable by a sophisticated script support
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