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GEA Libraries

   Gea is the name with which we have called our star project. Started in the early 2000 years, is our answer to the incompatibility that existed between the different operating systems. It is true that Java already provided a solution to this diversity of systems, but at some points seemed a limited and slow solution, and although as programmers, we must recognize the huge engineering work behind, finally decided to start a different path.

   In the 1980s and 1990s, when dSOFT started its journey, and due to the poor economic environment in which we moved, we already developed for MS-DOS an environment that allowed us to develop complete applications quickly. In a small market, it was difficult to sell the same program twice, while if we had a metamorphic tool, we could cover a wide range of sectors. Based on this philosophy, we started in 2003 the development of a new tool, developed at the basic level only in C. Little by little the animal was taking shape and so in 2006 we could make small programs very quickly. That yes, we had not yet begun the diversification to adapt it to the different systems.

   And we started with CGI programs for Linux, because the environment was linear, and simple and a good way to test the solidity of the basic structure. The next step was to add to our btree indexing system something more powerful (much more powerful) and decided to prepare the SQL support module for PostgreSQL. With this we have already prepared a small group of GCI programs, some of which are still in force on websites such as tele-ski. Com .

   The next step had to be the support for events-driven environments, and we chose Windows CE, because it is basically a simpler system and need less event control than Windows or GTK. And finally we address the last problems that were GTK and Windows. When Android appeared, we checked the possibility of incorporating the system and we made some first prototypes, which made us see that the "Core" supported the link thanks to Java JNI.

   At the end of 2012 we began the development of complete applications based on Gea, and two years later, with more than 30 finished applications, some of them as the general accounting system or the Administrative Management, of great complexity, we consider that Gea has reached its Majority.

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