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   dbWinSQL and dbWinSQLpro are programs that allow an easy approach to the development platform "Gea". At one level, once connected to a database (currently only PostrgreSQL), read the structure of this completely autonomously, and have a Front-End with different options depending on the program:

- Maintenance of simple tables (master).

- Generation and reporting.

- Transactions, including various types of Export, Import and Updates.

- Backup (dqWinSQLpro only).

    In this first level, the programs provide a direct and simple way to keep database without intervention of developers and technicians. They are utilities whose profitability is guaranteed to cover eeds many small businesses.

    At the next level, both programs can be transformed as from the hand of a developer, or a computer with basic knowledge of data-oriented programming.

    At this point you can get maintenance screens designed as master tables, or (in dbWinpro only) complex table maintenance screen motion as orders, RMA, packing slips, etc. In you report, you can also go well beyond the lists generated automatically and can produce all kinds of documents with few limitations. The same applies to transactions, being able to design specific processes.

    The best approach at this level is the AppDesigner program (currently beta), whose documentation explains step by step how to create menus, screens and reports maintenance, and how to exploit fully the transactions.

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