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    To check whether the application meets your needs, you can download a demo. It is identical to the original program, but with some limitations:

    - The demo only allows access to a local database, that is, you can not access remote databases, or a local server.

    - Printing is limited to console, so you can not use printers or output files.

    - For a more complete demo, please contact a dealer.

    Being a modular product, you should always install the base module (AdminSQLMain-PcDemo). This consists of Maintenance Business, Accounting and Administrative Management. The first manages the database and it is essential, whatever the setting you want. The other two programs are the only, in the family that can be considered basic modules, that is not dependent on any other module. Additional modules they need, usually the administrative management.

    In addition, the demo to run properly, you must install the PostgreSQL database.

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