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GEA Features

Gea development system. Main features

      dSOFT's "Gea" development platform is a powerful set of tools that allows the development of data-driven applications, from small developments to complex applications.
      Some of the main features of the system are described below:

- Native C and C++ code, which allows the final developments to be fast, secure and compact.
- Highly structured programming, minimizing the risk of errors. (For example the executable for a complete accounting system takes little more than 700 Kb ..).
- Multilanguage support. (Currently there is text in English and Spanish)
- Support for handling standard databases, (currently PostgreSQL)
- Support for handling local data (index files btree type) for small systems like Android and Windows CE. (However, this system handles files with more than 100,000 records very quickly).
- Internal relational support, which allows to avoid the programming of triggers. (For both local data and databases)
- Internal support for the following user interfaces:
      Windows Console.
      Linux Console.
      Linux httpd server.
      Win32 Interface for Windows.
      MFC Interface for Windows.
      Win32 Interface for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.
      MFC interface for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.
      GTK Interface for Gnome (linux).
      JNI Interface for Android

- Internal support for serial scanners.
- Internal support for keyboard scanners (with header programming)
- Internal support for the following Output devices.
      Parallel ports.
      Series Ports.
      Bluetooth (Android).
      Pipes to Disk (Text format)
      Console Window.
      PDF with or without previous format (Previous format emulates pre-printed documents)

- Evaluator of Expressions that includes all the usual operators, plus percentage and the following types of variables:
      Constant integers.
      Numeric integers.
      Numerical decimals.
      Database Fields.
      Screen Fields.
      Internal Functions (More than 30).
      External functions defined by the programmer (Only for libraries).

- Internal structured programming language. (Script Interpreter)
- Internal Document Formats Interpreter (supports all documents used in commercial dSOFT programs).
- Configurable transaction manager that supports:
      Relative, sequential, delimited and legible exports (the latter oriented towards reading by humans).
      Imports (relational or non-relational), sequential and delimited.
      Relational internal operations (allow you to regenerate relational dependencies)
      Support for database synchronization.

- Maintenance of configurable or autoconfigurable master tables.
- Maintenance of tables of movements (Previous configuration).
- Expression-based table analyzer. (From, to, Condition, expression). It has very varied uses, for example accounting or for clusters of data.
- Accumulation-based table analyzer (From to, Condition, selector, expression). Especially useful for generating temporary tables of statistics for viewing in documents or preparing graphs (Only linear at present).

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